Bicycle Furniture from Mikili

Bicycle Furniture from Mikili

All you bike lovers out there please pay attention. There is someone in Berlin that really cares about bikes and they build furniture for them. Extremely nice looking and very functional. Mikili develops shelves for your bike with extra storage space. Function meets design. The team is dedicated to only use high quality materials that are long lasting and also good for your vehicle. There are also three different systems in different colours on the market to fit your needs. So if you can’t resist to take your bike into your apartment there is nearly no way around these nice shelves.

No one wants to leave their prized possession unattended. But leaning it against the wall would be too easy.

All products are build in a social workshop. The packaging is recycled. Every flyer is printed in an eco printer shop. Even their money is put onto a bank that uses eco electricity. We are impressed by the way Mikili pay attention to details and looks for the highest quality in material. Besides that these shelves will make every room look a little bit better.



Pictures: Mikili

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