Take care with Brooklyn Soap Company

Take care with Brooklyn Soap Company

The Brooklyn Soap Company is – even if the brand name doesn’t initially suggest – a German company based in Hamburg. Former classmates Felix Ermer, Viktor Dik and Jonas Hillebrecht are the men behind the label. At a New York stay they got the idea to develope high-quality men’s cosmetics based on plants. Research showed that there were hardly any pure organic male cosmetics Made in Germany to find and so they founded the Brooklyn Soap Company in 2012.

Turning regular dudes into dapper gentlemen.

The recipes are self developed and without parabens, silicone oil, lauryl sulfates or any substances of animal origin. Skin compatibility has top priority. In the making of the products only vegan, high-quality ingredients based on plants are used – just ‘zero bullshit’ as it stands with a wink on their bottles. The products are produced in Germany and lovingly packaged by hand. Brooklyn Soap Company is priced between 18 to 50 euros and is available in their own online shop or at Niche Beauty.





Pictures: Brooklyn Soap Company

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