Klok-01 by Klokers

Klok-01 by Klokers

Eventhough this is just the first watch made by Klokers it already feels iconic. This is because of the story behind it. The design of the Klok-01 is inspired by early slide rules that were used to calculate for a very long time since the 17th century until the 1970s. Compared to cheap pocket calculators which took over after that, this objects really had style and charme. So we are glad that someone tries to bring a little bit of this back.

The Klok-01 uses three rotating concentric rings to display the time along a vertical line. It is a very beatiful choreography of numbers. For maximum strength the 44 mm case is made from a mix of stainless steel and polymers. The watch can be easily clipped on and of the bracelet. So however you need to use it, it will suit you well. The bracelets are available in many different colours.

The Klok-01 will be available on Kickstarter starting in september 2015. There are three different options to choose from. Yellow, Grey and Indigo. Each limited to 200 pieces.



Pictures: Klokers

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