Aesop’s “Tacit“ Eau de Parfum

Aesop’s “Tacit“ Eau de Parfum

Inspired by traditional Eau de Cologne and the aromas of the Mediterranean, Australian botanical brand Aesop launched a brand new fragrance – Aesop Tacit. Interestingly the concept for Tacit was 10 years in the making. Tacit is Aesop’s second perfume and has notes including citrus, basil and vetiver.

Created by New York-based International Flavors & Fragrances perfumer Céline Barel the result is a fresh, unsweetened unisex scent, with a touch of the bracing vermouth dryness of Haitian vetiver, extracted from the root of a tropical grass.

Packaged in Aesop’s standard brown glass bottle, the fragrance comes as a 50 ml Eau de Parfum. The new perfume is also housed in a beautiful slim card box designed by Australian artist Jonathan McCabe. Tacit will be available in stores and online beginning 1th September 2015 for 110 $. It’s sexy but well-mannered!



Picture: Aesop

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