Marble by AÃRK Collective

Marble by AÃRK Collective

We already introduced you to the amazing work of AÃRK Collective before and now they teamed up with Adelaide-based design duo Daniel Emma to create an unisex watch. It is called Marble. The basic idea is based on principles like simplicity and playfulness. This minimal watch will appeal to anyone who appreciates the perfect combination of simple form and flawless function. Both teams followed the affinity with purity of simple shapes.

Daniel Emma share a playful approach to design alongside a penchant for geometric form so it felt like a fitting marriage of ideals and aesthetic.

The dial is made of real marble which shows of the natural beauty of the material. The designers created a timeless design piece that supports understated decadence. The Marble is available in two different finishes. The Nero is a black marble with a classic black leather strap and a smooth PVD casing. The Carrara is a white marble with an elegant grey strap and silver brushed stainless steel case. A minimalistic piece of aesthetically pleasing design.



Pictures: AÃRK Collective

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