City Guide Mobile App by Louis Vuitton

City Guide Mobile App by Louis Vuitton

French fashion label Louis Vuitton is not only into clothes but also creates a very high quality selection of city guides for over 15 years now. This year a lot of things with this collection of guides are changing. Never before touched cities are included like Chicago, Bangkok, Prague and Rome. Also well known places like New York, Paris, London and Tokyo are to be found. And here comes on of the biggest changes. Accompanying the printed guides you can download them as a mobile app as well allowing you the comfort of the digital technology.

The guides include special guest contributors and they will give you the possibility to find secret spots and information about cultural events as well. The city guide app will include 25 cities on the whole world and will make it even easier to navigate through them. If you are lucky enough to own an iPhone 6 or 6+ the limited edition box sets come with cases in four different colors as well.

The app will be available later this month.




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