MistR Portable Cologne Sprayer

MistR Portable Cologne Sprayer

Have you ever wondered if there might be a way to take your favorite cologne with you? Taking the whole bottle is in most cases not a very good idea because of the lack of portability. From now on there is a perfect solution for that. The MistR Portable Cologne Sprayer. The MistR is nearly as small as a credit card and it can carry about 80 sprays per fill. Whenever you feel in need of a quick refresh just pull out the portable spray and go for it.

Brisbane-based MistR is build from stainless steel and it can easily be refilled. Just remove the cap of your cologne and than pump it into the portable sprayer. It is very rugged and also lightweight. The materials are chosen in a way that they have no affect on your scent. From now on you will never have to leave the house without your favorite scent again.

The MistR Portable Cologne Sprayer is available for $29 USD at Kickstarter.



Pictures: MistR

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