Duffle Bag for sneakers by HEX

Duffle Bag for sneakers by HEX

If you are that type of guy that is into sneakers this might come handy to you. The brand HEX just released a duffle bag that is perfectly designed to take your favorite kicks with you. We mean taking them with you safely without squeezing them in somehow. On each side of the bag you can find a compartment that is specially equipped to store you shoes during the travel.

The two compartments are not just storage space for your shoes. They come with certain features. Such as ventilation eyelets to let your shoes air out. The divider consists of polyurethane which stops bad smells from spreading across the whole bag. The main compartment also comes with a very functional design. It features a laptop sleeve and enough room for the rest of your clothes.

The duffle bag comes in black leather or camouflage. It is priced at $159.95 and is available here.




Pictures: HEX

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