Balsem Grooming by Frank & Oak

Balsem Grooming by Frank & Oak

Montreal-based brand Frank & Oak which is known for making clothes now enters a new world. They’ve developed Balsem line of grooming products. A line of personal care products using local natural botanicals for a quality product. They come with a very light signature scent inspired by Canadian air. And guys please don’t be sorry these products are created for both men and women.

Balsem features products like a face cleanser, a face moisturizer, a shave cream, a shampoo, and a deodorant. You can also get a conrete candle or a wool felt dopp kit to take these products with you wherever you go. We guess that the name Balsem is an allusion to the greek word “balsamon“ which in fact means aromatic herbs.

If you are not living in Canada to go to one of Frank & Oak’s retails shops you can also buy Balsem online ranging from $20 to $75 USD.



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