Danzo Landscape Organizers

Danzo Landscape Organizers

The Danzo Landscape organizers are a series of boxes constructed from aluminum alloy perfectly made to store and organize things. Five different styles are available and can be combined as well. Each of the boxes is made for a different purpose as we can see on the pictures below. For example the valley landscape is perfectly shaped for long and wide objects like smartphones, pens or glasses. The boxes are meant to store things inside as well as hold them ontop.

The hill landscape is mainly build for jewelry and accessories. The volcano landscape is meant to organize your desk. The water landscpae is created to hold tools for example. In addition to the five specific landscapes you can find the fifth basic box. This box is meant to be stacked beneath one of the landscapes to increase storage space. You can get these versatile boxes in three different colors: Aluminum gray, white and sand.

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Pictures: Danzo

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