The Hill-Side and CB2 Home Collection

The Hill-Side and CB2 Home Collection

We have great news for all fans of Brooklyn-based label The Hill-Side. They teamed up with CB2 to create a collection of furniture and homewares. This unique range of products is featuring some of the nicest prints and patterns of past collections as well as new ones. The two labels have been working on this project for the last year and a half. We think it paid off.

The basic concept of The Hill-Side and CB2 was to reinterpret the fashion label’s ideas in a new context. So for that a lot of re-designing went into the prints and patterns to create something new and fresh. Featured in the collection you can find pillows, blankets, towels, wallpaper, furniture and much more.

You can purchase the The Hill-Side and CB2 home collection here.



Pictures: CB2

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