Bogarde BMX Bike

Bogarde BMX Bike

Owning a BMX is the dream of almost any kid out there. Now there is something that even people past there teen years can ride. The Bogarde BMX bike. It is a contemporary, retro inspired take on the iconic BMX. It is featuring a very sleek and streamlined design combined with high quality parts. To make sure you can use it everyday it comes in 24“. Bogarde is bringing back which was the symbol of freedom for a whole generation.

Even though the peak of popularity was probably in the late 80s this bike is still strong in our memories. The Bogarde BMX bike takes all of the original spirit and manufactures their bike with premium materials. The bike is featuring original Skyway Tuffwheels T-spokes made in USA. It also comes with a premium leather saddle.

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Pictures: Bogarde / Manu Fauque

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  • May 21, 2016


    Bogarde ressuscite l esprit original du BMX et le place au centre d une demarche retro-futuriste.