The James Brand County Knife

The James Brand County Knife

We want to show you this excellent kind of knife. The James Brand County Knife. The brand itself is based in Portland and they are specialists for knives that you can take on your outdoor adventures. The design of the products is more on the understated side which we think is pretty likeable in the field of knives. To make sure this tool will be a good companion for a long time it is constructed from walnut wood and stainless steel.

The James Brand County Knife is a classic pocket knife which is beeing made in the USA. A single straight blade gives you the cutting ability you need in a slim, modern form. It comes with a modified straight back and the blade is about 2.5 inch long. If you want to attach a carry strap you can simply use the drilled keyring at the end of the knife.

You can purchase The James Brand County Knife for $150 here.



Pictures: The James Brand

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