Skateboarding in Barcelona by Sebastien Zanella

Skateboarding in Barcelona by Sebastien Zanella

Sebastien Zanella is well known for capturing the skate and surf scene around the world. He is a filmmaker and photographer deeply rooted in exactly that scene. The captured material of Zanella can be found in his magazine Desillusion. His latest project is just as impressive as the rest of his work. He travelled to Spain to meet Alexandru Costin. Together they went skateboarding in Barcelona to explore the beautiful city.

Zanella and Costin visited some really amazing places and created a series of photos that is very different from what you are used to. It is a combination of architecture and skateboard photography. These photos are able to show off the beauty of both the city and the feeling of riding through it on a board.

Have a look at skateboarding in Barcelona below.



Pictures: Sebastien Zanella

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