Follow a 12-year-old jockey on his journey

Follow a 12-year-old jockey on his journey

Dylan is 12 years old and he is living on the west coast of Ireland. Just like any country there are sports that are more popular than others. In this case it is all about horses. Dylan is a 12-year-old jockey and he is fighting on his way to become a professional one. The director Jonny Madderson was following the boy in his newest documentary called Five Stone of Lead.

My dream’s to be a champion jockey. That’s it.

As Dylan is only 12 years old he is a little bit smaller than the other jockeys. In order to compete he must wear a weighted vest at this moment. During the short film you can actually feel the passion and the fire of the boy to fight for his big dream. It is really inspirational to see how much conviction Dylan is putting into being a jockey.

Watch the documentary Five Stone of Lead about the 12-year-old jockey Dylan below.



Video & Picture: Jonny Madderson

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