The Circle of Poets by Etro

The Circle of Poets by Etro

Creative Director Kean Etro of the label Etro is not only creating fashion. He was inspired by the 19th century movement called “Scapigliature” to create something similar but translated into the future. The orignal idea was to promote and reform literature, poetry, painting, and other forms of art. Etro took that idea to transform it and developed an online platform to help the creative people of today called The Circle of Poets.

The name may be a little bit misleading because the platform is not only about poets. It features young and contemporary creative people like tattoo artists, photographers, film makers, architects, musicians and many more. The Cirle of Poets is connecting you to the person behind a creative work and gives a lot of very intimate insights.

Check out The Circle of Poets here.



Picture & Video: Etro

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