Ten Thousand Sportswear

Ten Thousand Sportswear

Having a look at Ten Thousand Sportswear you will maybe come up with the question why are they only offering two products. It’s simple. These two products are exactly what you need. They are developed to perform and also look good. The minimal design aesthetic is a very nice contrast to the often very bright colors in sportswear. No huge logos can be found. Only the very minimal X of the logo is placed very cleverly. The two products you can get from Ten Thousand are a shirt and shorts.

The Foundation shirt is made from a custom integration of merino wool and synthetic fibers woven into a piqué. This is the perfect way to naturaly wick sweat and also block odors. This shirt is extremely breathable and quick-drying. Right now it is available in three colors. Black, Grey and Blue. The Foundation shorts is a classic board short available in Black. It is made from next generation fabrics to keep up with the shirt. On the side you can find zippered pockets to keep your essentials during a workout if necessary.

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