Take care with Beyer’s Oil

Take care with Beyer’s Oil

The beard is still a manly symbol but there is no shame in taking care of it. So let’s take a look over to Bavaria, Germany where Beyer’s Oil is coming from. Why are we showing you this? Because the founder Bastian Beyer is creating an absolutely excellent product. It is made by hand with love using 100% natural ingredients. It is the perfect product to take care of your beard and also your skin. Especially if you are wearing a long beard. This oil will keep it soft and in shape.

You can find the finest ingredients in Beyer’s Oil. For example organic jojoba oil, lemon verbena and high-quality essential oils. Did we already mention that the packaging looks really amazing. And also the bottles are very nice. They come with a pipette to make sure you get the right amount of oil into your beard.

Take a closer look at Beyer’s Oil here.



Pictures: Beyer’s Oil

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