Anicorn Series K452 Watches

Anicorn Series K452 Watches

We have already introduced you to the hugely successful Anicorn Series 000 watch and now we are really excited to present something new to you. The Anicorn Series K452 Watches. The basic idea of these new watches is inspired by the discovery of Kepler-452b which is an exoplanet that could be potentially habitable. The K-452 watches are stainless steel, battery-free space watches the tell time through concentric discs just like the Series 000.

These new watches are powered by your body’s movement. And again the design of the watches is really standing out. Joe Kwan and Chris Chan were responsible for that. Their idea was to combine design, typeface, and mechanism within a watch. The watch is consisting of three discs that tell about hours, minutes and seconds. Right now the K452 is available in four different models. Solar, Dawn, Luna and Interstellar. You can choose between a Milanese mesh bracelet or a genuine leather strap. The bold 316L stainless steel body will make sure that this watch will be with you for a long time.

Have a look at the Anicorn Series K452 Watches over at Kickstarter.



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