Asics fuzeX Collection

Asics fuzeX Collection

When you need to buy sportswear often you have to make a decision between functionality and style. The new Asics fuzeX collection brings together performance and design in running shoes and sportswear. In Kobe, Japan Asics is developing innovative techniques and materials just like fuzeGel. This material makes their shoes lightweight but still safe. The curved 3D design of the shoes add a little something extra to it. The shoes are available in many different colors.

The 3D upper takes care of a balanced impact during your run. The matching sportswear collection is also focussing on lightweight materials and versatility. Again a perfect mix between performance and style. The pieces of this collection are developed to make you look good and also keep your dry and warm even in bad weather. You can use the fuzeX collection for almost any kind of sport you want to do.

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Pictures: Asics

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