Side Project Skateboards SS16

Side Project Skateboards SS16

We have already presented you Side Project Skateboards and also the founder and designer Jake Eshelman in earlier articles. Now you can see the newly released series of handmade skateboards called Side Project Skateboards SS16 that are just as amazing as the first series. Jake brings back a long gone feeling to skate decks. They are raw yet elegant. To construct a deck like this recovered hardwood is used to create a truly unique product as a result.

Thinking back to the early days of skateboarding each and every board you could see was a DIY construction. The way Jake Eshelman creates his decks reminds us of how everything started. Each and every board is completely build by hand. You can find woods like Maple, Cherry, Walnut, and Zircote featured. You can order these decks separately or as a set with Bennett Vector 4.3″ Trucks, Seismic Cambria Wheels, Tekton 6-ball bearings.

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Pictures: Brian Cummings / Side Project Skateboards

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