Train your abs with Slendertone

Train your abs with Slendertone

You already know how to train your abs right? Get down on the floor and make some excercises. Some of us pull a few each day and shortly end up with a sixpack. But not everyone is that lucky so we wanted to see if we can maybe find a little helper for that. This is how we found out about Slendertone. So if we say helper what does that actually mean? Will these Slendertone devices do all the work for you? No. Definitely not. Sorry to say that but still they can be a very good addition to your training.

Slendertone is based on electric stimulation of your muscles. Mostly called EMS. They offer many different products from bottom to abs. We got our eyes on the Slendertone Connect Abs and wanted to find out what this little thing can do. Different to all the other products this one is able to connect to your smartphone to track your results which we think is a pretty good thing. You can wear it during your regular workout. The promise is that is will soon tighten your abs.

We can see you are still not 100% convinced about if this thing really works. There is just one way to find out. This is why we got ourselves one of those Slendertone Connect Abs and we will give it a try. Stay tuned and find out more about it soon.

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