Aer Gym Duffel

Aer Gym Duffel

If you are going to the gym on a regular basis you know that you can get into trouble transporting all the stuff you need back and forth. Your new cloth catch the odour of your smelly shoes. The shampoo is running out again and so on. San Francisco-based sportswear label Aer noticed these problems as well and now came up with their newest product called the Gym Duffel. A bag that is designed to fulfill all your needs and takes care of preventing catastrophes inside your bag.

The overall design of the bag is sleek and modern. You can find a ventilated mesh compartment for storage as well as a ventilated shoe compartment. You can also find an external front pocket and a waterproof zip pocket. The Gym Duffel also comes with another compartment for your clean clothes and multiple internal pockets for small items. If you need to grad something quickly you can use the quikc-access. We are convinced that this bag is a very good way to transport and store everything you need safely and in style.

Take a look at the Aer Gym Duffel below and find out more here.



Pictures: Aer

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