Pillbox Bat Co.

Pillbox Bat Co.

Zak Fellman and Dan Watson fell in love with baseball since they played little league together. They took this passion and transformed it into some very wonderful products and founded Pillbox Bat Co. They are creating handcrafted baseball bats. These bats are not like any other bats out there. They come with amazingly good looking graphics. If you are not using the bat you can put it onto your wall as well.

It all started with a tree limb and some house paint. This was the way Fellman and Watson created their first bat way back in the days. The name Pillbox Bat Co. is paying homage to a rather unique ballpark in St. Paul nicknamed the “Pillbox“ because it was pretty small. And with this they don’t only want to pay tribute to a stadium but also to old times and a place that everyone could take pride in. We think they are doing a pretty good job with their unique bats.

Take a look at Pillbox Bat Co. below and find out more here.



Pictures: Pillbox Bat Co.

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