Cheap Monday Pocket Operators

Cheap Monday Pocket Operators

Let’s take a look at these Cheap Monday Pocket Operators who just got released. You never heard of a pocket operator before? Don’t worry. We never heard of them before as well. So let’s see what these little things can do. Basically they are portable micro synthesizers that fit directly in your jeans pocket. Pretty awesome. Don’t you think? Wherever you go you will have your synthesizer right by your side. After last year’s success this year three new models were released in collaboration with Teenage Engineering.

The three different models come with different options. Arcade, Office and Robot. There is a pretty awesome feature on the website where you can already try them out online. They are all equipped with a real synthesizer engine and work as a sequencer as well. Featured you can find 16 different sounds and 16 different punch-in effects. All Pocket Operators can be synced to each other.

Check out the Cheap Monday Pocket Operators below or get yourself one here.



Pictures: Cheap Monday

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