Nello Magnetic Bike Bell

Nello Magnetic Bike Bell

We don’t want to generalize but in this case we kind of have to. If you need a bell for your bike most of us probably go to the bext bike store and buy the first product they see. But for all you design lovers out there we found something pretty special. It is called the Nello magnetic bike bell. First of all it is minimmalistically designed and looks nothing like your regular bell. To make sure this little thing does not get stolen it is attached via magnet.

The Nello bell was designed by Italian design studio Palomar. Maybe you have already come across their Lucetta magnetic bike lights. The bell comes with an elastic band that can be installed within seconds. The brand is equipped with a magnetic mount. Nello is able to produce three different sounds and even if it looks small it is impressively loud. If you want to test it you just have to press the top of the ball. And don’t worry about the weather. Nello is made to last. Right now you can get it in black, red or grey.

Check out Nello magnetic bike bell below and find out more here.




Pictures: Palomar

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