Bruzzoni Electric toothbrushes

Bruzzoni Electric toothbrushes

Once again we have a product that is not getting a lot of attention when it comes to design. We are talking about toothbrushes. To be precise electric toothbrushes. But not we found something that caught our eyes immediately. The Brouzzoni electric toothbrushes. The Swedish company has launched to really minimalistic looking brushes. The white option comes with very nice silver accents. The black version is featuring rose gold accents. The plain colours and the metallic accents are a perfect combination.

Even the stand for the brushes has been designed nicely. One intersting feature is that you are able to charge the brush via USB. The Bruzzoni brushes can also help you with a timer that tells you when to change the position. We are pretty amazed by the level of design which was combination with highly functional aspects.

Check out the Bruzzoni Electric toothbrushes below and find out more here.



Pictures: Bruzzoni

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