The Yard Hotel in Milan

The Yard Hotel in Milan

We found out about a very special location called The Yard Hotel located next to the Naviglio Grande Canal in Milan. It is a boutique hotel that comes along with a very unique atmosphere. You can find old trunks and hat boxes recounting past arrivals and departures. Sports trophies testify to burning passions. You can also find a lot old everyday objects that have been turned into vintage furniture. Overall The Yard is a stylish and welcoming boutique hotel in the heart of Milan.

The interior design of the place can be described as warm and out-of-time. Every corner is waiting with a surprise and each and every objects has a story of its own. We are pretty impressed by the attention to details and the unique way this hotel has been put together.

Check out The Yard Hotel in Milan below or book a room here.



Pictures: The Yard Hotel

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