Interview: Claudio Pallone from Emmecosta

Interview: Claudio Pallone from Emmecosta

My name is Claudio Pallone, I study sound and music production at the Gothenburg University, Sweden, and, with my band Emmecosta, have just released an EP, called “Untied”.


What are your favourite activities online and offline?
I like to go through general news online and randomly follow the related news of my interest. Offline, I like spending time looking for activities that can let out my creativity and ideas. And that eventually brings me back in front of a computer. Offline.

Is there anything that you dislike about yourself?
As I once said to a friend of mine, I don’t like being “emotionally slow”. It takes me very long to take in and process thoughts and emotions. For the rest, I´m 29, and I learned to cohabit with myself, work my bad sides and improve my good ones.

Name your biggest childhood hero.
Alessandro Del Piero was and still is my only childhood hero.

Your biggest extravagance?
Having periods where I strongly believe its time to get in good shape with myself. It never happens.

Describe a perfect day for you.
Sunday, 10 a.m. for 24h, studio/bedroom, sunny but not too much, wind moves curtain, coffee, clean desk, crystal quality speakers, listening, walk, coffee, smile, football, home, cooking with my fiancé, movie, sleep, TV on.

Where are you living right now and why?
I live in Gothenburg, Sweden. My dreams brought me here.

Any special talents?
Helping other people to dare!

Please name three things that you could not live without.
My bipolar cat Lupo, my girlfriend and my best friend.

What is your favourite snack?
Since I live in Sweden it has become “Vaniljbröd”, a really good Swedish brioche with cream.

Any plans for the future?
To keep up with all the short time plans I have and soon produce and release new amazing music with Emmecosta!


Picture: Styling by Christian Correnti, Photography by Alberto Lapenna and Maria Barkova

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