Vélosophy Bicycles for a good cause

Vélosophy Bicycles for a good cause

Jimmy Östholm is coming from a small town called Karlstad in Sweden. When he needed to get somewhere his bike was his ride of choice. While he was working as a product designer he started looking back to the first bike that he built with his father when he was younger. As you can imagine. This is how he came up with the idea for Vélosophy bicycles. Now the company is creating bikes featuring aluminum frames combined with coloured wheels. Just like Östholm’s first bicycle made him happy these bikes are meant to make people happy.

Each of the bicycles is available as a Sport or Comfort model depending on your personal taste. Both versions come with a very nice feature. A pre-mounted carrier system for a comfortable transport. And there is one more thing about this company. For each bike that is sold one is donated to a schoolgirl in Ghana. To make sure everything works out fine they are working together with UNICEF.

Check out the Vélosophy Bicycles for a good cause below or purchase one here.


Pictures: Vélosophy

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