Upwined Candles

Upwined Candles

Within the last few years there has been some big changes in the scented candles business. Gone are the days of cheap and synthetic scents. Today you can find natural and high-quality candles for any taste. We want to show you what Marco Hess from Hamburg in Germany is creating. Upwined Candles. It is worth a look. Actually he is combining two ideas. Before we get to the candle part we will take a look at where the candle is put into. Marco Hess wants to set a statement against throwing away things and so he is using old wine bottles for his candles. Pretty clever we think and it also looks pretty awesome.

Now we can get to the candle part. Each and every candle is produced by hand. They are all organic and vegan. The candles consist of 100% soy waxe. For the different scents you can find natural essential oils added. It is still getting better. The prices are transparent. Meaning on their website you can find information on the different costs of a candle. We must say we are pretty impressed. Hats off to Marco Hess.

Take a look at Upwined Candles below and find out more here.




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