ITEMS Wristwear by Triwa

ITEMS Wristwear by Triwa

The Swedish brand Triwa has stepped up its wristwear game with the release of its brand new product line: ITEMS. The bracelets are made out of the offcuts of their watch and sunglasses production. ITEMS are simple cuffs designed to be worn everyday and made out of materials that will age accordingly.

The developing patina – The brass and stainless steel bracelets are made uncoated, allowing the materials to breathe and develop a unique patina. They’re designed to interact and change with the passage of time, not to battle against it.

The acetate residue – The acetate bracelets are made from their sunglasses manufacturing residue. Triwa likes to think of it as a statement in it’s own. Recycled, minimalistic and stylish: an antithesis to precious metals and rubies.

We think that in the incredibly dicey world of “Mewelery” these are actually fully acceptable looking, all in Triwa’s super clean minimal aesthetic. The ITEMS collection is conceived and designed at the brand’s Stockholm studio and will be sold online and in retail from €49 to €70, available from March 10.



Pictures: Triwa

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