WRENCHit Multi-Tool by Mininch

WRENCHit Multi-Tool by Mininch

WRENCHit is a new product by the clever design team of Taiwan-based company Mininch. A reinvented portable and multi-functional spanner with easy-cycling and interchangeable wrenches. Each Wrenchit multi-tool employs a type of “Pop-A-Point” design that allows the user to select and interchange the wrenches with different sizes and shapes.

It’s all housed within a tough, yet packable wrench channel, facilitating it’s interchangeability and offering a study arm for the applying torque to turn even the most stubborn objects. Each tool carries up to 5 wrenches and both the sleeve and wrench are composed of high-grade “SUS 420 Stainless Steel” with a sandblasted finish to boot.

Their durable nature makes it a powerful and hefty tool without all the unnecessary bulk of a toolbox. They fit in your pocket, desk drawer, or pencil holder with ease. WRENCHit will let you do everything of turning various nuts or bolts from your furniture, bike, appliances, to many sport equipment and household gadgets.

The WRENCHit Multi-Tool by Mininch is available online at Kickstarter starting at $30 USD.



Pictures: Mininch

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