8bar Mitte Convertible All-Road Bike

8bar Mitte Convertible All-Road Bike

How would it be to have a bike that’s able to change its’ geometry completely and transform from a road to a cross or an adventure bike? Berlin-based custom bike manufacturer 8bar has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund what they claim is a bike for all occasions. They’re calling the new MITTE bike the first truly convertible All-Road Bike. And to test it out they spent some time over the winter touring the dirt roads and mountain passes of Morocco to make sure it was up to the challenge.

It’s goal is to serve as a frame for any type of adventure, covering road, cyclocross and adventure touring. It gets its flexibility by changing geometry with the seasons. 8bar sees the complete bike being able to make the complete transformation in a quick reconfiguration at home. The bike comes with two forks, and together with sliding dropouts, it is maybe just 30 minutes to jump back and forth from one mode to the other, including swapping out tires and racks as needed.

The 8bar MITTE starts at $1,450 USD and comes in two options: the Comp, which has a 10-speed Shimano Tiagra groupset and the Pro, which is 11 speeds on an Ultegra group.




Pictures: 8bar

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