RZR Shaving Razor

RZR Shaving Razor

The newly founded company RZR from Eindhoven, Netherlands created a men’s razor hoping to revert back ‘to the traditional male shaving ritual.’ A no-nonsense wet shaving system as comfortable and safe as modern razors with the style and substance of an old-fashioned razor.

Stripping down the razor to only its essentials and accompanied by a 24-pack of RZR blades, embracing a simplistic design, with a non-pivoting head placed at an optimal 30-degree angle. This means that, through direct steering from the wrist, it’s easy to achieve a clean shave.

Blades are made from high-grade metal alloy for comfort, making them extremely durable while removing the need to apply gels. A wider space between blades helps to prevent clogging, adding to the titanium-built RZR’s lifespan. RZR Shaving is also green because it produces little waste. They’re so sure of its build quality it comes with lifetime warranty.

They’re currently campaigning on Kickstarter, and the first kits starting at €89 EUR will be sent to backers beginning in December of 2016.



Pictures: RZR

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