Minimal Water Bottle

Minimal Water Bottle

The Minimal Design Company from Toronto, Canada has created a water bottle that fills a gap in the water bottle market. Its invention, the Minimal Water Bottle (MWB), is described as a complete survival tool. It literally rolls up into a quarter of its size, and can be easily stored after you’re done drinking.

The Minimal Water Bottle is made with durable high-grade silicone, which lets the bottle keep its shape when in use, and the collapse upon request. It also features an eight-foot paracord and a flint Firestarter. This is a perfect essential tool for any camper, hiker or adventure seeker. All together the Minimal Water Bottle combines the most foundational elements known and needed for humans everywhere; water and fire.

A $30 pledge on Kickstarter will get you a MWB in black or white and is estimated to be delivered in October 2016.




Pictures: Minimal Design Company

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