Finest Fitness Food by foodspring

Finest Fitness Food by foodspring

As of now there is a new brand from Germany revolutionizing the food industry with quality, sustainability and functionality. With foodspring the two founders Philipp Schrempp and Tobias Schüle, offer high quality sports nutrition, fitness foods and superfoods for a healthy and modern lifestyle.

From the development in the Berlin foodspring laboratory, the elaborate search for the best ingredients and suppliers, to a reduced and clear Packaging – food spring offers high-quality, functional foods. In addition, every customer is treated individually: Developed by experts the Body Check recommends a very individual product combination. Other tips and inspiration gives the online mag.

The range is mostly organic and includes nuts, berries, dried fruit, coconut oil, chia seeds, porridge, shake, detox and protein powder. All products are available online and are priced between 5 to 84 EUR.



Pictures: foodspring

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