Test: Fresh ‘n Rebel Rockbox Chunk Fabriq Edition

Test: Fresh ‘n Rebel Rockbox Chunk Fabriq Edition

With online streaming services such as Spotify, Tidal or Apple Music, it’s a blessing to have a portable device that allows you to listen to loud music, where ever you go. So we did a little field trip through Berlin with the Fresh ‘n Rebel Rockbox Chunk Fabriq Edition to see, or rather hear, which songs could suit which environment.

But we don’t want to bore you with the technical details, you can read our previous article about the Fabriq Edition or study the exact details on the webpage and to be honest, when buying headphones in the electronics store, we do never know, if we could tell the difference a lower or higher impedance makes, but that’s another story.


Grocery Store Parking Lot

When it comes to bass, the Rockbox Chunk is a highlight, or rather a lowlight, because it sounds so deep and massive. We decided to listen to a grime banger at the parking lot of our neighbourhood grocery store on a Saturday night, next to the youngsters in their loud and expensively looking, but cheap cars.



Berghain Parking Lot

From one parking lot to another, just another day and another time. It’s Sunday morning and we’re waiting in front of Berghain. Not to get in, but to welcome all the touristy clubbers that have to get their Easy Jet back to where ever they come from with some nice after hour metal. No, seriously: that would be too harsh, so we chose something mellow from the recent Trash Talk record, to literally keep all of them going.



Mauerpark Flee Market

It’s still Sunday and now we’re at the Mauerpark, another institution for tourists and newly Zugezogene. Get yourself pushed through the booths full of stuff that Zugezogene from a previous generation want to ged rid of and find yourself at the bearpit karaoke in an amphitheatre. Is there any better song to sing?



Airport Schönefeld Terminal D

Since we’ve met so many tourists, we decided to do one thing that’s convenient for us and them: we got a Car 2 Go and rode to the Schönefeld Airport (not as ugly as the Tegel one) to say goodbye to the leaving tourists. We wanted to support the emotional aspect with a song that’s meaningful and atmospheric at the same time.



Görlitzer Park

Now it’s Sunday night and on our way back, we were heading to Kreuzberg, to the notorious Görlitzer Park that probably everyone has heard of. With a classic such as this song, you can do nothing wrong in an area where anything can go wrong.



Pictures: Lisa Johanna Thiele for DAAN

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