Push, Boost, Go by Ringana Sport

Push, Boost, Go by Ringana Sport

A personal best is not a limit. It’s a challenge. The Austrian natural care brand Ringana goes sporty. With ‘boost‘, ‘push‘ and ‘go‘ they launches three super natural must-haves for those looking for a sports challenge. Ringana’s new sports product line, Ringana Sport provides all athletes with 100% natural support. Before, during and after exercise the three highly concentrated, perfectly balanced products provide more power, better performance and faster regeneration. All the Ringana Sport products are not testet on animals, easily soluble in water, freshly prepared and 100% vegan.

Ringana Sport ‘push‘ activates energy reserves and protects the body against free radicals during highperformance sports. Ringana Sport ‘boost‘ quickly provides the body with energy whilst increasing stamina for endurance sports. Ringana Sport ‘go‘ cools, warms and relaxes – perfect before and after sport and to relieve muscle tension. Provides a soothing effect as well as fresh energy.

The Ringana Sport product line is priced between €22 and €55 EUR and now online available here.


Ringana Sport


Pictures: Ringana

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