Volata Cycles: The Smart Bicycle with a Digital Brain

Volata Cycles: The Smart Bicycle with a Digital Brain

With all the smart technologies surrounding and making our lives easier, whether it be the GPS directions or the weather forecast on your phone or email notifications on your watch, there aren’t many things left in our everyday life that haven’t changed since our society’s digitization. Bicycles however were such examples, remaining pretty much the same since their invention in the 19th century – two wheels linked with a frame, human-powered through pedals, bringing us from A to B in an eco-friendly manner. Still with pro athletes and digital savvy commuters relying on technology with increased regularity, evermore bicycle equipment has been introduced to the market leaving the cyclists to limitless add-on possibilities and turning the bike into an ‘accessories-holder’.

Realizing that, San Francisco-based Marco Salvioli & Mattia De Santis of Volata Cycles decided to improve the riding experience with the very first smart bicycle, combining a clean, sporty and aerodynamic design with useful, seamlessly integrated high-tech features. A 2.4-inch, app-based computer built into the handlebar being the core of the Volata bike allows to access not only all metrics and data during your journey, that is to say performance tracking, directions, weather, music info or smartphone notifications. It also secures your bike with a GPS and motion detecting anti-theft system, all conveniently operated with a smart joystick control.

Designed in Milan and mechanically optimized to keep maintenance to a minimum, the bicycle itself features only high-quality materials like a 7005 aluminum frame, a carbon fiber fork, a quiet belt-drive transmission instead of a conventional chain along with a Shimano Alfine 11 internal-gear hub with Di2 electronic shifting. Automated, built-in front and tail lights, a 96 dB electronic horn as well as a dynamo-driven, self-charging battery further create a safer and more convenient riding experience.

Although the deliveries will not begin until July 2017, a Volata bike can be reserved for $299 deposit today, while its total price is $3,499. But don’t worry; the founders plan to broaden the range of models including more affordably priced bikes in the future.




Author: Alexandra Zhovtenko
Pictures: Volata Cycles

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