Line Collection by Nomad x Samuel Wilkinson

Line Collection by Nomad x Samuel Wilkinson

The Scottish watch brand Nomad has once again paired with industrial designer Samuel Wilkinson to launch a second beautifully minimalist watch collection. The ‘Line Collection’ is comprised of two distinctive everyday watches – ‘Inline’ and ‘Outline‘ – which reference the design of the dial. Both feature the typical numerical hour and minute markings, but they’re arranged in a way to give the watch face a fresh new spin.

These timepieces are designed to act as precise tools for measuring time, while retaining a playful edge.

The Inline’s markings are towards the center of the dial leaving space around the outer perimeter. The minimalist face has numbers 12, 3, 6, and 9, along with minute and hour lines. The Outline has all 12 hourly numbers with elongated lines for the minute marks. And in order to bring the collection to life, they’re seeking funds on Kickstarter to meet the minimum ordering requirements needed.



Pictures: Nomad

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