Multi-Purpose Organic Skincare by Uncle Peter’s Man

Multi-Purpose Organic Skincare by Uncle Peter’s Man

‘Keeping things simple’ is what the founders behind their Toronto-based brand had in mind when founding Uncle Peter’s Man in 2014. No toxins, no harmful animal testing, no-nonsense. Instead the Canadian skincare line focuses on quality, healthy natural ingredients and handy multi-functionality – products suiting modern men who care, not only for themselves but also our environment; who show great  strength,  courage and leadership, and no regrets, just like Uncle Peter did – a fictive hero figure born after many years of side-splitting stories about a friend’s actual uncle.

That’s how the inside-joke resulted in a small range of grooming products. Namely their ‘3Pete’ Face & Beard oil with a 3-in-1 formula, ready to use as face moisturizer, beard conditioner or an aftershave, available in two versions. The first warm and comforting with cold-pressed argan and jojoba oil, blends of sandalwood, frankincense and lavender, and a little touch of vanilla extract. The other one fresh and zesty with similar core ingredients but a herbal note of rosemary, lime and orange. Further offerings like their ‘Double Duty Soldier Scrub’ pledge to help liberating your face not only from hair but also that flaky, itchy old skin while coming up with refined brown rice and raw cane sugar.

Eager to check them out yet? Uncle Peter’s Man also serves you with combo sets and samplers, useful tutorials and reviews, and a hell lot of fun and profound sympathy.



Author: Alexandra Zhovtenko
Pictures: Uncle Peter’s Man

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