Oddsson Ho(s)tel in Reykjavik

Oddsson Ho(s)tel in Reykjavik

Thrifty people with expensive tastes will feel at home.

Prejudiced as being dirty and loud, hostels are still widely considered to be crowded with young backpackers only, providing very little privacy and no additional service except their rather simple and cheap accommodation. But against all bias hostels today are by no means the same they used to be. Oddsson in central Reykjavik may be the best example.

Situated in a historical warehouse building, right beside the Reykjavik School of Visual Arts, this place offers way more than an affordable shelter for the night. Lavishly furnished by Icelandic studio Döðlur, Oddsson was designed to astonish its guests, just like Iceland does at every glance. And hell, it does! The love for details and design can be seen in its every pore.

One of our inspirations is the atmosphere of an airport: a space for diverse encounters where time seems to pass slowly.

At Oddsson it’s all about contrasts and mesmerising views. Upholding the industrial character of the building, the harsh visual appearance along with its ice blue surroundings have been eased inside with warm wood, retro pastels and touches of fresh pink. Eye-catching custom made furniture were brought together with finest 20th century design masterpieces from the likes of Pierre Jeanneret, Augusto Bozzi, Pierre Paulin, Mario Bellini and Paul Evans, to name a few.

Rooms range from cosy bunk beds and sleeping pods to more luxurious hotel chambers; a shared kitchen allows preparing your own meals while the onsite restaurant Bazaar invites you to enjoy top-quality Italian dishes. Further amenities  include a yoga room, a bar, and hot tubs on the rooftop. And last but not least a karaoke room in the middle of the restaurant, soundproofed and fully mirrored on the inside but see-through from the outside. Sounds like a proper good deal for a hostel, right?



Author: Alexandra Zhovtenko
Pictures: Oddsson Ho(s)tel

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