SDP_01 Modular Daypack by Colfax Design Works

SDP_01 Modular Daypack by Colfax Design Works

Assuming that you don’t want to spend as much time in front of your wardrobe as your other half due to not knowing which bag to pick for today, the perfect solution would be just one that suits any situation, whether for work or a wild adventure. Speaking from personal experience the search for a constant companion can be tiring though, but there might be hope now.

Offering ‘advanced commuting products’ California-based Colfax Design Works recently released their military-inspired SDP_01 backpack featuring an elaborate modular cargo system that allows to add on several attachments, making it possible to adapt the bag to any environment and your specific needs. The lightweight and weatherproof Standard Issue Daypack includes 21 liters storage space and is entirely made in the USA. Further features include dedicated laptop sleeve, anti-fatigue shoulder strap system, removable sternum strap with anti-load quick release closure, quick access top pocket with secondary internal storage, and hydration sleeve compatibility.

Colfax Design Works daypacks come in black or camouflage and are available online at $345 USD.



Author: Alexandra Zhovtenko
Pictures: Colfax Design Works

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