Body Building by Atelier Biagetti

Body Building by Atelier Biagetti

So you’re a fitness freak and can’t get enough of the gym, or rather pretend to be one but instead secretly enjoy slouching on your couch? Or maybe you are just fond of those gym aesthetics and have a thing or two for good design. Then the Body Building collection by Milanese Atelier Biagetti might be just perfect for you.

Created by designer Alberto Biagetti and his partner, artist Laura Baldassari, the Body Building collection was first introduced during Milan Design Week in 2015 and is a fun assembly of furnishing objects featuring an eclectic mix of bright colors and precious materials.

The collection showcases a silver seating bench reminding of a futuristic vaulting horse and made of finest calfskin leather, a coffee table created from a pink-tinted crystal top balancing on a set of hexagonal steel weights, as well as a crisp white meets vibrant blue chandelier imitating hanging rings usually used for acrobatics. Turned into static objects, the sophisticated gym equipment of Body Building depicts an ironic take on our obsession with fitness and self-optimization nowadays.



Author: Alexandra Zhovtenko
Pictures: Atelier Biagetti

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