The Magic Advent Calendar by Telekom Sponsored Video

The Magic Advent Calendar by Telekom Sponsored Video

In line with the Feast of Love, Telekom puts an emotional message in the foreground and presents us with a Christmas campaign, which makes a strong contribution to the thought of sharing is caring. The heartpiece of this is the wonderful story of Little Jonas and how he learns the art of sharing. But this touching Christmas film, directed by Fredrik Bond, is only the beginning of a truly magical adventure. Starting at the 1st December, the magical Advent calendar starts at and tells the complete story as a compelling audiobook.

In 24 lovingly arranged chapters, Rufus Beck, who has already spoken to the Harry Potter volumes, tells the whole enchanting story. It begins in a wintry Christmas scenery in a little airy-tale village. Here lives Jonas, a small boy who does not like to share. One day, however, he finds a magical Advent calendar, in which, for a mysterious reason, the doors can not be opened. Jonas discovers that he can only open the respective door with the help of different people from the village. In gratitude, the boy shares the sweets from the Advent calendar with his helpers and learns: “Life gives us more when we share.”



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