The Small Transparent Speaker by People People

The Small Transparent Speaker by People People

The Small Transparent Speaker was designed and launched on Kickstarter by Stockholm-based studio People People. The wireless speaker is intended as a reaction against excessive consumer waste and particularly electronic waste. With technical details such as a built-in amplifier embedded with digital signature processing and 2.5-inch premium full-range drivers, the minimal speaker doesn’t compromise a crisp sound quality for its size and aesthetic.

Durability also isn’t an issue with the speaker. Utilizing built-in sensors, users are able to receive notifications through their smartphones when parts need to be repaired, replaced or updated. The materials are designed to be upcycled and the speaker can be easily disassembled. And all the features are rounded off with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity for ease of access.

“Consumer products are too quickly becoming waste and mostly dumped in landfills,” the studio said. “There is a full football field of electronic waste generated every minute. This linear system has to stop.” At dimensions of 236 × 188 × 90 mm, the speaker will be able to get updates over the air and support Bluetooth 4.1, Google Cast, Apple Airplay and Spotify. Available in either black or white, head over to Kickstarter to learn more.




Pictures: People People

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