Practix: Kettlebell and Dumbbell for Home Workout

Practix: Kettlebell and Dumbbell for Home Workout

So you decided you want to buy some weights and workout at home, Great! But where do you begin? Should you buy dumbbells or kettlebells? What is the right weight for you? What if you’ll need to level up? You’ll need to buy new weights, and who has space for it? No worries, there is an answer now for all those question.

Practix is a fitness product designed to solve exactly these problems. By combining an adjustable kettlebell and dumbbell into one product, Practix allows you to have versatile workouts at your own home without any space limitations. Kettlebell, dumbbell or single plate training are all possible with one Practix Innovative Workout set. The unique locking mechanism allows you to adjust the weight fast and easy with the “Click&Turn” release.

You can choose between four different colors, but the product is still not available for commercial purchase. It’s being funded on Kickstarter and there are pre-order options available.




Pictures: Practix

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