Cheers to Tolerance with Ali Cola

Cheers to Tolerance with Ali Cola

Ali Cola, a German-based soda company has created a cola drink offered in a range of hues meant to mimic that of human skin color. The concept for Ali Cola started back in 2012, when German politician Thilo Sarrazin published some controversial comments about human intelligence being directly influenced by genetic characteristics. In protest of this idea, and in celebration of ethnic diversity, Hamburg-based entrepreneur Aydin Umutlu developed a line of soft drinks as a pro-integration statement.

It’s visuals were created by Karl Wolfgang Epple and graphic designer Matthäus Frost developed the packaging, include the tagline, “Different outside. Same inside” and the hashtag #cheerstotolerance. „They look different on the outside but are all the same on the inside. That’s true of people all over the world — and now of cola, too. Or at least Ali Cola, the first cola that comes in different skin colors. Call it a cola in aid of greater tolerance,“ Umutlu explains.

Ali Cola can be ordered online and is also available in Berlin and Hamburg. Each purchase supports Kiron, an NGO that helps refugees earn university qualifications through online courses and partner universities.



Pictures: Ali Cola

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