Cycling Apparel by Search and State

Cycling Apparel by Search and State

If you commute to work on a bicycle or ride your bike a lot you will know the importance of what you wear. So ditch your garish riding gear and step up to the understated elegance of Search And State Cycling Apparel. Search and State are a New York based purveyor of performance and lifestyle apparel and each of the pieces that they craft is produced in Midtown Manhattan.

With the motto of “Whoever you are and wherever you ride, we have a piece for you that will not only perform, but also make you look and feel better than anything else you’ve worn before” it’s clear to see that Search and State have got a real dedication to providing the best in cycling apparel.

The brand stands for comfort, style and durability, whether it’s a piece of outerwear to protect you from the elements or a pair of bib shorts for the more serious rider, the quality is indisputable. There is a good array of styles to pick from with the Search and State Cycling Apparel and whether it’s understated or something more vibrant, this excellent Manhattan brand will definitely have something that will fit your needs.




Pictures: Cory Piehowicz

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